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Buying or selling a property is a complex legal process and is probably the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever be involved in, so it’s essential you find out as much as possible about the buying and selling process before you begin.

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Under the 2008 Act (Sections 127 and 133), your real estate agent must give you the relevant guide before you sign an agency agreement and before you sign a sale and purchase agreement. They must also ask you to confirm in writing that you have received the guide.

New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreement Guide

New Zealand Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide

If you are considering purchasing a property in Auckland, it is highly recommend you obtain a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) before finalising the purchase.

Auckland Council’s mapping and property information service. This service provides many layers of regional data and information, as compiled by Auckland Council and its CCO’s or supplied by various government and utility agencies.

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Search for rates and property information, find out more about the Rating Information Database (RID) and Glossary of terms.

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Auckland Council holds a range of information about all properties in the region. This includes rating information, building and drainage plans, consent information, licensing details and more.

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When buying a property it is important to check the Certificate of Title for any restrictions that apply to the property, such as covenants or easements. It will also show who owns the property and any other current interests. The Certificate of Title including diagram/plan also includes a diagram of the property, which normally shows the area and dimensions of the land. If you require a more detailed plan you can order a Title Plan or Survey Plan.

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